FAMCO Mentor Program

Couples are self-nominated or selected by churches and are interviewed for appropriate training

  • To be equipped as mentors to come alongside other couples
  • To encourage and assist them in establishing and maintaining a healthy marriage.

Equipping includes

  • Training in marriage preparation
  • Training in marriage enrichment
  • Training in marriage restoration
  • Familiarity with available resources
  • Continuing mentor support groups

What You Can Do

  • Consider being a mentor couple
  • Encourage others to consider mentoring
  • Identify couples needing mentoring

Why Mentoring is so important?

Mentoring for couples who are preparing for marriage has been shown to reduce divorce rates from about 50% to about 5%.  (www.marriagesavers.org)

In a recent survey 62% of respondents said they would like to find a mentor couple in their church and 92% said they would especially like to have a mentor to help them through times of conflict. (“Breakout Churches,” Thom S. Rainer)


The FAMCO Mission is to promote the acquisition of relationship skills necessary for successful marriages and families.

In order to accomplish the FAMCO Mission,
Mentors Are Needed!  We are looking for champions for marriage to be a part of the Prepare/Enrich mentoring program that we are implementing in our community. We know marriages have a much higher chance of success if the couple participates in a premarital preparation program and we have found Prepare/Enrich "Builds Stronger and Lasting Marriages"! 

Please let us know if you are interested!