Family and Marriage Coalition of Aiken is committed to providing resources for marriage preparation, enrichment, and restoration in Aiken and surrounding communities.

Our Mission:
Promote the acquisition of relationship skills necessary for successful marriages and families

Our Vision:

  • A coalition of religious and secular organizations working together to improve the quality of life by assisting families in the areas of marriage preparation, enhancement, and restoration. 
  • A community where enhanced marriage preparation is the norm and marriages and families take advantage of resources available.
  • A community where divorce rates and single parent families are decreasing.

Our Values:

  • A family consists of a man and a woman married under the eyes of God and any children belonging to either or both of them.
  • All successful families have a set of common values which establishes their world view.
  • FAMCO's world view is based on the Judeo-Christian Bible and the God revealed therein.
  • All FAMCO's resources will be based on FAMCO's world view.
  • FAMCO's resources will be provided to any and all who wish to utilize them.

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​​FAMCO is looking for volunteer couples that are interested in blessing others in marriage by becoming Marriage Mentors!  Invest in the marriages of others and help reduce the divorce rate.  See the Mentoring tab above for more information or contact us!

Board of Directors

  • Ben McPherson, Chair of FAMCO Board, Activist, Retired Accountant
  • Kay Brohl, Activist, Member Aiken City Council   
  • Gary Bunker, Accountant, Chair Aiken County Council
  • Derek Bush, Lawyer
  • Jay Earles, Psychologist and Family Counselor
  • Mike Rapp, Activist, Men's Discipleship Leader